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    May 17, 2013
    6:00 - 7:01pm PDT  

it was a explosion, so loud the neighbors who gathers around here jumps up. the san jose bomb squad treated this as a live grenade. public works showed up about a half an hour ago and put 50 sandbags around a hole in a front yard to contain this explosion. police are telling us an elderly woman was cleaning out her garage when she found a grenade on her workbench. the bomb squad came out and determined it could be a live grenade and we found out this is an old american made grenade and the fire department was called out just in case to put out any flames. police say the woman did not know why the grenade was in her garage, but say everyone is okay and the grenade is history. >> thankfully, no further incident in that neighborhood. as the war this afghanistan winds down, thousands of troops will be coming home.
bay area agencies will have a challenge trying to help soldiers readjust to civilian life and police officers will also be challenged. damian joins us in san jose. why is this agency so critical in what's going to happen over the next several months. >> this agency will refer some of those veterans to counseling in they need it. they deal with hundreds of case of mental illness every year. advocates hope veterans are not among them. >> these are the images daniel will never forget. >> we saw casualties. >> after two tours in iraq, the marine hit the bottle and went through two divorces. adjusting to civilian life became a nightmare. én'ntensity.ped a switch of one of the hardest things to
break. we're always going to be intense, motivated. that puts off a lot of people. >> the number of veterans is expected to double in the next two years to 10,000. the institute of medicine predicts almost one-fourth of them suffer from some form of brain injury. >> because of those troops coming back and what they've been through. >> he hopes police departments are ready to deal with the influx. >> unfortunately, the troops coming back from the gulf really demonstrated the need for ptsd counseling. >> today, he helps returning veterans aply for benefits. he's opened with-, them about h own nightmare. >> part of the healinging process. i can be intense. my co-workers will say i'm pretty intense, but you know, at least i'm honest.
>> and honest and proud marine who came home with scars only he can see an feel. state police agency calls california post says police departments across the state need to better prepare their offices to deal with people with mental illnesses. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. more details on how mental illness impacts police officers. a state agency called the california post commission reports that up to 15% of an officer's time is is spent dealing with situations related to a mentally ill person in crisis. in santa clara county alone, law enforcement responds to roughly 4,000 calls every year that are classified as mental health or suicide related emergencies. california suggests better mental health training for officers is critically needed. the san jose man accused of
stabbing and killing two family members were arraigned today. he hid his face when he was arraigned on murder charges. he is also accused of stabbing his 3-year-old niece. ramirez is said to have a mental illness, but still could face the death penalty. >> part of defending the client is understanding who mr. ramirez is and who is that person and a mental health history is significant when it comes to understanding who he is and how he got to this point. >> more investigation about the client and defendant. >> another option, ramirez could face life in prison without parole. police have arrested a campbell teacher for lewd acts with a minor. he has been teaching fifth grade for about a year. he was arrested when he showed up at the park he believed to be
a mine. that person, actually a police officer, posing as a 13-year-old. the country's fourth largest -- is shut down today. this is the scene this afternoon when rescue divers recovered the body of a longshoreman who was apparently trapped inside of his pick-up truck after it went over the pier at the port. the coast guard located the man's truck upside down in muddy, shallow water. >> we will be investigating what happened today. it appears to be an accident. this is truly an unfortunate accident that occurred here today. >> the victim who's been a longshoreman for almost 50 years has not yet been identified. the port will be closed for 24 hour, which typically equals about $8 million in lost revenue, however, since it will be closed during the weekend, the total loss will be much less. the death of a champion sailor, andrew simpson,
continues to cast a shadow over the upcoming america's cup event and today, prompted a strong request for changes. the crew for the italian boat gathered at their base. head of the prada fashion label spoke for the team, requestinging that all of the america's cup team consider several safety measures. primarily not racing during high winds. he wants to team to decide without penalty, if conditions are safe. >>. >> i am the boss of the team, so i consider it absolutely normal for the boats to come when they're very troubled. >> he took an overnight flight here to the bay area in time for today's meeting of sailors and race organizers. yesterday, he was hinting to reporters he might withdraw his boat from the race citing the dangers. the two-month event begins in july.
they were gunned down riding home from last night's warrior game and now,olice are hoping cameras at the arena may help capture the shooter. state lawmaker host a hearing on gun violence downtown. it happened last night near jackson street. we are live with the details. >> reporter: good evening. fans were just arriving atnlñ oracle arena for tonight's a's game, but what happened last night is of interest to police. cameras record footage of the parking lot, also of cars coming and going. police are hoping that footage will provide some answers. cameras are perched all around oracle arena and police are hoping the watching eyes above saw something a witness might be too afraid to tell police. >> did something happen at the arena, or possibly road rage or
the freeway. those are questions investigators are trying to find answers to. >> at about 10:30 last night, two warriors had just left the arena and were traveling on jackson street when someone in a dark suv unleashed a barrage of gunfire into their white porsche. the driver and his passenger both wearing warriors gear were pronounced dead at the scene. >> the white porche is registered to -- neither the driver of passenger are the registered owner. >> despite that, the car had not been reported stolen and they have been unable to reach the owner of the car. as investigators look for clue, state and local officials for a state assembly hearing on gun
on the 880 freeway. the number one problem in the city of oakland is there are too many guns on our street. >> in the meantime, authorities are asking for witnesses to come forward who can provide information about the gunmen or gunman's vehicle. >> dark colored sport utility style vehicle. possibly a cadillac escalade. we're still following up. >> and the coroner has not yet released the names of the victims, but we just got new information and we can tell you that the driver was 30 years old from pittsburgh and the passenger was 28 years old from richmond. they were not armed. live in oakland, bay area news. >> thank you. the former owner of a santa cruz party bus company says he's not guilty of vehicular manslaughter. this stems from the death of a woman who fell out of the a vehicle he owned last july.
56-year-old john st. james made the plea today. earlier this month, a grand jury -- he was grossly negligent of a 25-year-old. she was going from a concert in mountain view back to her home in santa cruz. the trial will begin july 1st. it's a legendary pool all across the country. more than 40 olympians have trained there, but the santa clara international swim center has lost a little luster. >> the center is is now 55 years old and needs some tlc. can it survive? >> while the pool is bustling with swimmer, the ability to host world class competitions have dried up. >> we're about 25 years past the life expectsy. probably by the late 1980s, it began to show signs of wear.
it no longer meets standards for world class competitions. >> it's too shallow, tiles are falling off and the dive pool is leaking, which is why the santa clara swim club is leading efforts to build a $50 million swim center. plans include a new dive tower, because this one isn't high enough for competition. >> they laughed at us, this is probably more than important to santa clara's history. >> mark spitz trained here, so did pablo morales. michael phelps competed in this pool for more than ten years. he even broke a world record in this water. it could make a big splash to the local economy. >> when ever you bring in large meets, incredible revenues are generated. we're talking millions and millions of dollars. >> supporters say it's time to build a world class facility for a center that has earned a world
class reputation. >> the new swim center will have a splash zone for kids and possibly a gym for the community. they've already raised 6 of the 12 million needed. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. quite a windy day here and plenty of sunshine. wind gusts that topped 30 miles an hour across the east bay. it's shaking around a little bit in those gusty conditions. we'll have details on increased fire danger. >> also, not long ago, he was a waiter in washington, d.c. now, he's a congressman. the meteoric rise of a bay area politician and who he credits in the east bay for his political success. and some home cooking in the silicon valley. we're going to show you how you
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the pot will keep getting bigger and with tickets costinging two bucks a piece, people are flooding the stores. >> we like to indulge in the thought of taking home $600 million, i have a list of what i would do, but is it really worth your $2 to try is this. >> from a mathematical standpoint, the answer is no.
we bring in sam brock who explains why it doesn't make sense. i don't care what you say, i'm still buying a ticket. >> i'm not trying to discourage you. on its face, that sounds ridiculous. $600 million isn't worth buying a $2 ticket, but if you break down the number, a single player would not hit the break even point for his or her own investment. >> your odds of getting struck by lightning in a year are 1 in 700,000. odds of being killed in a single airline flight, 1 in 7.4 million. your odds of spotting the lockness monster still probably better than winning the jackpot because that pot beckons you with the probability within 1 in 175 million. >> if you take a deck of 52
cards, the chance you're going to have a royal flush, 270 times more likely. if you take half the u.s. pop l -- it's higher than winning the jackpot. >> okay, so you get the point. you probably understand your chances aren't very good of winning, yet people still play power ball when the jackpot reaches a certain level. why? >> you could set all of your family members up forever, for life, if you do it right. if you plan properly. >> financial adviser says the shear magnitude of the pot is driving people out, but what if we told you it's not worth it, at least from a mathematical standpoint. professor ostrum crushed the numbers, factoring in the size of all possible prizes and the probability of winning to figure
out a return or a break even point, assuming one person wins the entire pot. >> the breaking point for investor, $287 million. they'll say you're making 600 million if you win. that's not a fair comparison. it's not present day money. the correct comparison to the lump sum they'll give you right now. >> 287. that's the key figure. that lump sum distribution right now according to the power ball website is 282 million. that counts federal taxes in california. doesn't have a state tax on lottery prizes. the figure is just below the break even point. does that mean you wouldn't play for $2? i'll leave it to you. >> i think i'm good with 282 million. i'm pretty good with that. >> he's on his way to buy a ticket. >> better get me one, too, sam. >> i think it would fall off his
pocket. would we all share? >> why not. >> i'll give you guys a couple of bucks. i would even just be happy with some of the interest off a winning like that. yes, yes, yes. let's get to the highs for today. temperatures in the mid-70s. 75 in the valley. 74 in san jose. 76 in santa teresa, 72 in concord. in the north bay, 73 in santa rosa. the winds in the interior valley and helps to scour out all the fall we had at the immediate coastline. it's clear here across most of california, so let's get a look here. no delays. that's the great news. looking good in san francisco and across the nation right now. moderate delays with cloud cover, but anywhere else tonight or tomorrow morning looks good on those airport boards. outside to the live sky camera, you can see the flag blowing here. strong from the west off towards the east.
we're going to see the winds through saturday and sunday. it's fog free right now, but we will start to get the clouds back at the coastline for tomorrow morning. down to emoryville, you can see it's mainly clear here on this current view, then out towards san jose, it's also looking very sunny this afternoon. now back on the weather graphics, high pressure building offshore. that's going to increase our temperatures 10 to 15 degrees sunday and monday and also giving us the potential of these fire winds coming on the backside of high pressure. mainly out of the north and slightly offshore, some very low humidity by sunday. as for your saturday, this would be a more comfortable day for you. by the noon hour, temperatures in the low 70s inland and by the afternoon, it's going to pop up to the low 80s. on your three-day forecast, it looks all good here on saturday. low 80s inland. by sunday, mid-80s and look at this. the hottest day on that seven-day forecast will be on monday with temperatures in the
low 90s and also a little beach weather mixed in. back with that seven-day forecast and details on if there's any kind of rainfall coming in the next seven days in just a little bit. >> how about in? a side order of controversy. still ahead, the feud between a bay area restaurant and a neighborhood and it's all over the aroma of bacon. plus, locals only. the city trying to keep some people out. >> and the summer swell. what community uw2b colleges w be doing this summer that hasn't happened in years and why students will be lining up for it. back in two minutes.
community colleges in california are going to be extending summer classes. a survey shows that a substantial number of community college, about 67 rngs, are going to offer more classes this summer. it's very significant because of
budget cuts are going to have more classes. the chancellor's office credits prop 30 in november. so, was that red shirting rage real? delays a child's entry in school by a year is really not as prevalent as people thought. some four to five a-- are held back by their parents every year and the study points out that white boys from affluent families are most likely to be red shirting, less than 5% of african-american kids waiting another year and we're seeing more school reactions to the shootings at sandy hook. a school district in texas has posteded signs saying their staff is armed. the signs say staff will use quote whatever force is necessary to protect students. small district of union grove has two schools and they voted in january to allow licensed trained teachers and
administrators to carry weapons. after the -- packing heat, well this failed to make it out of committee in the state legislature. the state senate this week passed the bill to teach violence awareness. well, they raced through town and will be here through the weekend. considered by many as the premier cycling tour, the amgen tour has arrived an a south bay company is turning to wind power to create a next generation of bicycles. specialized bicycles of morgan hill unveiled it's new tunnel. the tunnel produces 30 mile per hour winds, censored inside measures side pressure an drag to help engineers design a better bike with minimal wind resistance. to figure out how well they draft. today's stage was a timed trail, so it was every man an woman for
himself. now, the upscale town of diablo is considering a ban of riders who ride through town. they say bicyclists typically cut through private road. next month, the town will discuss banning the cyclists. still ahead, the promising new report on unemployment in california. also, one of the youngest members of congress and he doesn't mince his words when talking about the problem in washington, d.c. tonight, an exclusive interview with the east bay congressman. >> plus, two commuter trains collide. we'll have the latest for you. >> caught on tape. a canadian mayor in hot water after he was reportedly caught smoking crack-cocaine and the tables have turned. o.j. simpson's former attorney on the witness stand being grilled by lawyers over whether he botched the rob wii case of
the former football star.
two rush hour metro north commuter trains collided near fairfield. emergency crews are on the scene. more than 20 people have been taken to hospitals for treatment. a train on its way to new york city derailed near the fairfield station then crashed into a train going the opposite
direction. again, we're watching this situation for you and we'll update it for you when we get more information. there are apologies and d y denials as the ousted head was on trial. >> the former irs chief is now being audited after his employees unfairly targeted tea party groups. >> for the mistakes we made and the poor service we provided. >> steve miller apologized and denied that irs employees were politicallysn[ motivated. the treasury inspector general also testified today, releasing results of his investigation. starting in 2010, irs employees delayed applications of conservative groups asking for tax exempt status and asked them inappropriate questions. he said it does not appear there was any influence from the white house.
the justice department is investigating whether any laws were broken. >> that wasn't my question, but this is my answer. >> also today, o.j. simpson's former attorney defending his reputation. he is accused of doing a poor job of his trial in 2008, in which he was convicted of kidnapping and robbery. simpson says he gave him bad advice. >> he says that he and some of his boys may be doing a stay in the morning. >> did you ever tell him that it was in his legal rights? >> the judge will soon decide whether simpson deserves to go to trial. he's currently serving a nine to 33-year prison sentence. >> caught in the act or is is it a set-up? the mayor of toronto is accused of smoking crack-cocaine and
it's all caught on video. mayor rob ford denied the allegations saying it's not true and ridiculous. the video was allegedly being shopped around for $1 million by people involved in the drug trade, but they have since tr dropped the price to $100,000. toronto reporters say they've seen the video, but they cannot confirm if the mayor is really smoking crack. >> thank you. new tonight, two oakland police officers disciplined in 2009 when four fellow officers were cleared are in the clear tonight. an arbitrator has reversed the motions of two s.w.a.t. officers. to more officer, the oakland tribune report that is the demoted officers were unfairly singled out. they'll be restored to their former ranks and receive back bay. now to a follow up.
a story we first followed last year. we get ready this year's race, san francisco place are still looking for a killer who took the life of a runner last year. this is one of the last photos of 31-year-old martin. he's seen here wearing a bright green wig. minutes later, they posed with another group of people and one of them punched martin, causing him to strike his head and lose consciousness. weeks later, he died. police are asking with information to contact them immediately. and south bay investigators say they've busted the so-called sweetheart scammer. 26-year-old gina mitchell is tricking a man to mary her and then bilking him out of the $350,000. prosecutors say she posed as an
interior deck rart. the victim's relatives contacted authorities. dreams do come true. 12 years ago, he was waiting tables in washington, d.c., serving congressmen. now, he is a congressman. representing the east bay. his opinions are raw and his attitude for high school is genuine. . >> it's no surprise that congressman sowell wanted to meet us at his favorite mexican restaurant in hayward. it wasn't that long ago he was waiting tables at a mexican restaurant in washington, d.c. little did those members of congress know they were funding a future congressman. who was the biggest tipper? >> i think most of them were pretty generous. i don't remember now too many of the names or faces. i just remember i was in awe as a kid.
for me, i was such a political nerd that seeing these men and women come in was like seeing giants or a's player come in to your restaurant. >> but the tables have turned, literally, from unpaid capitol hill intern to a successful run as a prosecutor forr alameda county. he is now back in dc. have you gotten over that hey, let me pinch myself or are you just fully immersed in the work? >> 11 years aerks i was an intern. for me, i still go to those elevators that say members obl and still wonder if i'm allowed to get on that. you kind of slap yourself, you're here now, you belong. for so many years, you've been like this. you look at capitol hill, so many problems. now, you're on the inside. that's the problem? >> i think the problem is too
easy to just go on the house floor and say something that's -- ipg right now, we have this awful influence of outside voice. that's because of the citizens united ruling, which allows r corporations to just dump millions of dollars into these race, so now, members of congress pander to the extreme because they're afraid of one of these groups coming in and getting involved in their primary election. or you're not to the right enough, we're going to come and primary you and take you out. >> first that comes to mind, i'm talking personally, speaker of the house john boehner. the speaker has made efforts to try and work with democrats. >> seemed that way. >> what he seems to be hindered by is what i think is a radical
part of his caucus. this is a part of his party. seem to within the to disrupt everything in washington. like the dog that chases the car, then once it catches it, doesn't know what it's going to do with it. >> it wasn't that long ago you were on campus. >> i do. i'm in this job because i was inspired by a dublin high school teacher. my teacher, the mayor of dublin now, when i was back in college and law school back east, i was considering stayinging in the washington area after i finished law school. it was my teacher who was also my tennis coach. t the school. he told me to come back. we need more young people
involved. you can always go to washington for some other reason, but you should come home and serve. i love it. it's the honor and privilege of a lifetime to serve in congress and to serve the area where i grew up. so now to represent all of these cities back in the united states congress, i couldn't be happier and it never feels like work. >> also a former prosecutor, 32 years old with a youthful energy is perhaps what congress needs. we'll be posting the segment on our website. you can also find our other high profile interviews. while the battle over bacon still ahead. why the cured meat is riling up people in one neighborhood. and meet the silicon valley start-up that will find food that reminds you of home and send it to you. headed to oakland maybe for the athletics an royals tonight. upper 50s and low 60s for the game. we'll take you outside to our camera network, point it towards
oakland, not a cloud in the sky. we'll talk about our weekend heating up and when 90s return in just a few minutes.
not amazing, tennessee or florida. silicon valley start-up will get that food to you u with a simple click of the mouse. we bring in scott budman. >> lots of headlines. start with jobs. the bay area saw lots of hiring, enough to lower the state's jobless rate. 2600 jobs added in april, helping the area reach its highest job total in five years, also helping california's unemployment rate drop to an even 9%. it has been one year since the
facebook ipo and while that stock has dipped, others have soared. that low up to 64%. this next company not yet ready for an ipo, but poised to make your taste buds remember him. it's the latest in dot com commerce, bringing you the food you miss from anywhere in the country. logthis, find the dish you want and geography goes away. >> so, we believe that there are amazing local items produced in this country that you can't replicate everywhere. so there are a lot of people with nostalgia from somewhere they've been or grew up that makes the certain case. >> for the price of shipping, you get gourmet food from anywhere. the bakers and small cafes get a
much bigger market. gold belly hopes to get a big chunk of -- or that deli sandwich from new york. >> or stone craft from miami. coming up, why bacon is hitting a local restaurant against his neighbors. jeff is here to talk about bacon. >> yes, we're frying up some hotter weather coming nup seven ys. pretty windy in san francisco now. we'll talk more about an increased fire danger. just a few minutes.
there are plenty of specialty restaurants in the bay
area. >> bacon, bacon, bacon. that is the issue for neighbors. now, that restaurant was set to close today, but the bacon may no longer be banned. >> prime rib or rack of lamb. for many, the choice the bacon. >> we do burger, pork belly. tacos with bacon as the focus, obviously. >> bacon is the star of jim and jealous' restaurant named bacon bacon. fried chicken wrapped with bacon and a simple addition of bacon strips wrapped in paper. >> basically, like you're giving someone flower, you give them a bouquet of bacon. >> people know their bacon.
>> they bake their bacon in the oven, so you don't get burned pieces. you don't get pieces that are fried inconsistently. >> one neighbor hired an attorney to close the restaurant. >> depending on the wind pattern day-to-day, there were strong odors of bacon. >> according to the health department, the restaurant has another glaring issue. >> they have been operating without a permit since december of 2011. we set a deadline to get a permit. >> that deadline was 3:00 p.m. >> a not so great economy that's having some success and people want to push that away.
>> just before the deadline came an offer, jealous agrees to put in a $35,000 air filtration system and the neighbor would drop theágx complaint. >> my client is offering to contribute money to make this happen. so he will have a hand in the solution. and i think everyone's really happy about that. >> the city was working to formerly sign off on the deal. keeping everyone involved. >> now, hold the bacon for a minute because minutes ago, the restaura restaurant owner called us and hasn't heard a deal was in place. he closed the restaurant at 3:00. >> okay, so if the winds are out of the southwest, the bacon aroma goes down by city hall? >> oh, man, i knew weather was going to get involved in that. aside from the story, i love bacon. we love bacon so much at home, we cooked a huge thing of it
this past weekend from costco and basically put the rest in the fridge. just heat it up in the microw e microwave. we've got lots of sunshine from the north bay down to the south bay, but it has been windy today. anywhere from about 10 to 25 miles per hour. generally some onshore win winds with us. i know if you suffer from allergies, this has not been a good day for! you at all. increasing the fire danger, otherwise for r tomorrow, we'll start out with a cloud cover. not a big fog event and then a lot of sunshine as we head throughout saturday. live sky camera network looks like a postcard out here in san francisco. this is just magnificent. no fog in the immediate coastline right now. as we take you out here towards palo alto, the pollen getting
stirred around. down to san jose, absolutely sunny skies. here's the current pattern. the jet stream beginning to moderate. high pressure moves in and this is what's going to bring us some 90s. also, some slightly offshore winds. tomorrow morning, we'll find most of the fog at the immediate coastline. then you'll see we're highlighting all the counties that are expecting widespread sunshine through your saturday and yes, everyone in the viewing area is expecting full on sunny skies as we head through saturday. pretty good for us. for the morning hours, low 50s back toward the east and the south bay and throughout saturday, numbers starting to go up. not hot, but 70s to low 80s down in the south bay and for the east bay, plenty of temperatures near 80 degrees. then back towards san francisco,
68. out to the amgen tour, temperatures will be in the 0is. nbc bay area, a proud sponsor of that and we are expecting 90 degrees on monday with that increased fire danger and then things will cool off by wednesday, thursday and also on friday. nice weekend coming our way, you guys. >> looking forward to it. >> sports. pretty special. after the warriors lost, i believe they hung out after the game and the players came out to say hello. >> that was nice. >> i think that crowd has been so good all year long and that team really stuck together and loved that crowd, too. it was a good run. not a lot of people expected them to be one of the final four teams. we'll start with those warriors. the goal did come to an end.
the we believe team, the doves magical run did come to an end at the spurs. the warriors season officially over, however, the team far exceeded expectations. >> i was struggling all year. we had a bunch of guys that were struggling. we made a good run. >> actually walked up the ramp today thinking we had practice. so tough field, but you know, you have time to think about it, great of a season we had, just starting to show sort of in the next year. >> all right, last night, sacramento beat broke the story.
a deal had been reached between the maloofs. mayor kevin johnson spoke about that great news. >> for us, it was never a competition between sacramento and seattle. it was about our community telling our story. it's not about fortune 500 companies, incomes, it's about how well we work with our, which is our kings and we take a backseat to nobody. >> all right. if you watch the final two minutes, you witnessed a nightmare unfold before your eyes. it's not over thoechlt we've got a win. how about the giants. colorado. marco scutaro riding a 15-game
hit an didn't waste any time. up 4-0, but now, this one, 4-4. some bad news to pass along. ken venture passed away today at the age of 82. he may be best remembered for his years as a golf broadcaster. >> you can watch sports net central tonight at 10:30. we'll be right back. for our families...
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kaiserpermanente. thrive. decision day is almost here. on tuesday, we'll find out whether the 2016 super bowl will be played at the new santa clara stadium. representatives from the bay area and the rivals from south florida will make 15 minute presentations to the owners. they will mark secret ballots on who to award the game to. because the stadium will be new and state-of-the-art, that gives the bay area a huge advantage and nders say it would be an upset if the bay area looses out to miami. coming up tonight as 11:00, people camping out. >> thanks for watching. have a great evening and a great weekend. >> bye bye. crystal geyser is always
bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser.
crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you. >> extra extra! >> now on "extra" -- mariah carey's new lip-synch scandal. did she really sing live on the "american idol" finale? the conspiracy theory blowing up twitter today, as the new "idol" judges. did mariah diss j. lo? and we break news that the judges came up the phones. >> there are talks that she might return. >> will you be back? >> beyonce's baby news after the speculation, confirmed. the breaking news today. arias' tiny jail cell, what she is reading, and her breakdown hearing travis